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What is ISR project?

ISR may appear to be a new concept, but it is a concept as old as The Golden Rule — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ISR expands on this by promoting a proactive stance towards positively influencing and affecting the people and environments outside your immediate circle.

How it is prepared?

We help every PGDM student of Welingkar to get insights of the ISR project by following guidelines.

1. We select any social cause on which we would like to do study for e.g. Child Abuse, Child Labour, Physically challenged children In India, etc.

2. Next is NGO selection working for this cause.

3. We then collect data about the area in which they are working, how long they are operating, impact of their working, challenges being faced by them and any other relevant information. This can be referred from the online sources.

4. Next, we prepare a word document on the above activities.

5. Finally, we create a best and suitable high quality Video running 6 to 7 minutes of the work done.

After finishing the above tasks, we deliver the ISR project report with video (by mail or by Google drive) to the student mail id.

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