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What is project We Like?

Project We Like is an innovative subject where learning of management concepts takes place through video based teaching methodology and not through any books. Further, good news is that you have liberty to select any topic of your interest while referring video content from “We Tube”, “We Lounge” & “News wire”.

What is We Tube, We Lounge and Newswire?

We Tube:

It is an online video library where students can view a large number of video lectures of around 1 hour duration developed with the help of experts from different strata of industry. Students can view these knowledge sharing sessions for different verticals like marketing , Finance etc. as well as for various soft skills.

Following are name of few such lectures available on We Tube:

    1. Secrets of rising to the top

    2. In search of happiness

    3. Directing Marketing

    4. International Trade

    5. Lean Manufacturing

    6. Grid computing etc.

We Lounge:

In this online initiative, dignitaries from various walks of life share their success stories and also provide you with an in-depth analysis of how to be triumphant in your business and over come obstacles. An interview with these luminaries on their success stories help you to get all the information about their life journey and will inspire you to face the challenges of life.


To help students to keep themselves abreast about what is happening in the business world, the Institute offers an innovative facility “News wire service” where students can find news about the latest development happening in their chosen specialization on daily basis just at a click of a button.

What we are required to do in this project?

    1. We have to study videos on any 5 topics from We Tube, 3 interview sessions from we Lounge and 10 articles from newswire section.

    2. After referring these contents, we are required to make a PPT Presentation for major learning and other observations related to content studied by us from We Tube, We Lounge and NewsWire Service. The total PPT presentation can have 35 – 45 slides.

Tags and project categories

Infrastructure and Real Estate Management Entrepreneurship Management Projects Telecom Management Projects Retail Management Projects Textile Management Projects Tourism Management Projects IT Management Projects Shipping Port Management Projects Operations Management Projects Business Process Management Projects Logistics Management Projects Production Management Projects Supply Chain Management Projects Marketing Management Projects Hotel Management Projects Hospital Management Projects Healthcare Management Projects Export Management Projects Customer Relationship Management Projects Mba Human Resource Management projects Mba Marketing Management projects Mba Finance Management projects Mba Marketing Research Projects Mba Consumer Behavior Projects Mba Industrial Marketing Projects Mba Services Marketing Projects Mba Marketing Communication Strategy Projects Mba Sales and Distribution Management Projects Mba International Marketing Projects Mba Strategic Marketing Management Projects Mba Retail Management Projects Mba Production Management Projects Mba Brand Management Projects Mba Customer Relationship Management Projects Mba International Business Projects Mba Financial Management Projects Mba Accounts Management Projects Mba Financial Services Projects Mba Management Accounting Projects Mba Financial Risk Management Projects Mba Financial Statement Analysis Projects Mba Strategic Financial Management Projects Mba Mergers and Acquisitions Projects Mba Security Analysis Mba Portfolio Management Projects Mba Mutual Funds Projects Mba Investment Banking Projects Mba Financial Services Projects Mba International Finance Projects Mba Trade Projects Mba General Management Projects Mba Capital Markets Projects Mba Auditing Management Projects mba Economics Projects Mba Management Accounting Projects Mba Risk and Insurance Management Projects Mba Insurance Law and Regulations Projects Mba Life Insurance Projects Mba General Insurance Projects Mba Actuarial Principles Projects Mba Health Insurance Projects Mba Insurance Operations Projects Mba Underwriting Management Projects Mba Insurance Projects Mba Claims Management Projects Mba Banking Projects Mba Banking Service Operations Projects Mba Retail Banking Projects Mba Corporate Banking Projects Mba Rural Banking and Micro Finance Projects Mba Risk Management Projects Mba Treasury Management Projects Mba International Banking Projects Mba Credit Management Projects Mba Wealth Management Projects Mba Asset Valuation Projects Mba Financial Markets Projects Mba Systems Projects Mba Training and Development Projects Mba Leadership Skills and Change Management Projects Mba Employment Laws Projects Mba Entrepreneurship Projects Mba Entrepreneurial Development Projects Mba Entrepreneurial Finance Projects Mba Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects Mba Managing and Growing a New Business Projects Mba Services Operations Management Projects Mba Lean Manufacturing Management Projects Mba Quality Management Projects Mba Operations Research Projects Mba Operations Management Projects Mba Business Modeling and Simulation Projects Mba Production and Materials Management Projects Mba Supply Chain Management Projects Mba Project Management Projects Mba IT and Systems Management Projects Mba Data Warehousing Projects Mba Software Enterprise Management Projects Mba E-Business / E-Commerce Projects Mba Quality Management Projects Mba System Analysis and Design Projects Mba ITES Projects Mba Business Intelligence / BPM Projects

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MBA Project reports MBA Project reports MBA Project reports
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